Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Storms: seen or unseen

Hubby is gone for the office and the baby is soundly sleeping in the couch co'z she doesn't like sleeping in the crib, so instead of fighting with her loud cries and wailing.. so I give in and lie her down on the couch where she went quiet and fall asleep easily. So here I am... fidgeting... of things to do... to get extra cash since Christmas is soon.

Worries, frustrations and the like.. are like unseen storm in our lives, it keeps coming and there is no way that we won't be hit by it. It's also the same thing with typhoons and tornado's; they keep coming and if we don't learn how to brace ourselves and plan how to keep it from harming us again... it will devastate us again and again.

I feel like I'm going through a storm of financial crisis these days but since this is not the very first time that happens to me, I somehow... have learn how to survive. I know my Lord knows my exact needs and like before... He had have provided for me, so now I rest in peace with faith in my heart that my Lord will and will always do the same thing.

Talking about the tornado, tsunami, typhoon and a lot of other storms, if we are experiencing such every year... I do hope that we just don't welcome them without preparations. We need to build storm shelters for such a time as this and of course we should never forget to call unto Him who always help those who needed and recognize Him.

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