Friday, November 4, 2011

Working at home

I'm no professional or company employed person who works at home. I just consider myself working at home mom because I tried to grab every opportunity to do any financial earnings jobs; such as anything I can do to earn in the web.

I can't say that I'm earning much co'z sometimes I don't actually, but the good thing about this.. is, I can work while taking care of my baby Z plus I am in control of my time. I don't need to hurry up, wake up early, and I don't need to work with inconsiderate bosses. But I also need and do document imaging specially my files in my lappy toppy so that I know where to find it whenever I needed it.

I actually miss going out and work with people, but as for now I am more than contented with what I do knowing I could always be with my baby. I just hope and pray for more financial earning opportunities here in my blogs co'z I really need that green bill (specially the green bill with the number one and two zero's on it :).

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