Friday, December 2, 2011

It's her b-day!

I just finished looking on my "goddaughter" birthday pictures on facebook and I almost can't believe that she's three already. Times indeed flies like a rocket, you'll never know till your hit by it. It feels just like yesterday when her mom got this opportunity to work abroad as a healthcare assistant in a rehab somewhere in Georgia. She grabs the opportunity though she has a good job here because of course it's way more different in terms of salaries and benefits working abroad. She applies in a company like of that of Chart Assembler Jobs that helps job seekers find their dream healthcare job.

Now my friend has able to get her husband and they now lived in the US of A with their two kids. And just yesterday this lovely little girl in the picture below celebrated her 3rd year b-day. I wish I'm with them celebrating it. I can't wait to see them again, hopefully next year (God willing!).

Happy birthday LJ!
ninong Doy, ninang carmz and ziah loves you!

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  1. Happy birthay mahal kong inaanak! we miss too!