Monday, December 5, 2011

Moving Again

The owner of the house we are recently residing came here this morning to talked to us of what gotten us into leaving their house. It's good thing that she came co'z we were able to explain our side co'z she thought she might have done wrong with us reason we're moving. The talked went well and I thank God for the friendship we've shared.

Afternoon today hubby went to meet the lady owner of the house that we're going to move into. Hubby said she was a nice older lady in contrary to what we've heard that she is. Hubby signed the contract and soon we're moving again. Moving means packing and setting up things again, probably this means of letting go of some stuff and buying a new one. I told hubby to buy a long cable for our internet (the thing that is attached to the telephone to get wifi). I just don't know yet if we need to buy a monster hdmi cables for our other electronic devices.

Moving is both exciting and challenging thing to do. It's exciting co'z you're excited of the new things, it's challenging co'z you have to let go of the things or people you used to. I'm glad that we're able to make great friends here and they would be an addition to our collection of great friends :)

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