Thursday, December 1, 2011

Safety Razors : the art of shaving

I've been in pensive mood this past few weeks due to some adult responsibilities. Things have been so much different this time unlike when I was still a little person and all things was simple. Looking back and looking young when all the responsibilities falls on dad's and mom's shoulder but this time it's on me. Responsibilities in life is making me look untidy specially when work gets challenge, bills are dues in a week and health is not good.

Good thing is I have at least one best friend in the shower and that is my shaving pal safety razors , without this pal I would go untidy all through my life. Having a safety razor is really an important factor in having a good and smooth looking skin after shaving. If we want to look good, clean and neat right after shower we really need to invest on good razor blades. Shaving has been a part of me the moment these extra hairs came and I'm just thankful that I have teammates who could help me look neat still.

Some tips for a good star quality looking skin after shave :) *make sure your razors blades are not rusty and is safety to use before you use it. *make sure you put on cream before shaving to help the shaver work well and to avoid cuts. * don't forget to put to use badger shaving brush as the finale because this one really helps smoothen up the shaves.

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