Sunday, May 29, 2011

For Her

Some moms are hard to please, probably because of the many not good situations their experiencing of being a wife and a mom. But it's also frustrating on the part of the children who want's to put a smile on their moms face and but failed.

I don't wanna blame her for what she feels because she alone knows how hard it is, but if I were her, when my kids would like to love me and would definitely let them and show that I appreciate it so much. If moms are like that, her kids would shower her gifts like jewelry fashion trends for moms and other valuable things.

Yet, when mom shows that she doesn't care, kids would not show that they care as well.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Went-out warm and dry, came-home soaking wet

We went to SM Bacoor the other day. It was humid and hot when we left home reasons why we did not bring any jacket or umbrella. Little did we know that while we are inside the mall a huge dark cloud in the sky gathered together. So when we came out after our Jollibee dinner the rain poured hard on us. We we're frightened that we might not be able to come home anymore and just get stranded at the mall, so hubby and I decided to still go in spit of the hard rain.

It was cold and we were soaking wet but still being together in the rain made it all interesting and fun. I love to be married to the person I love!

Health Issues

I been telling hubby to take multi-vitamins lately to help him boost his immune system specially now that rainy days are here and acquiring sickness is like meeting people in the streets, you'll meet them even if you don't want to.

I never knew as well that there's also testosterone booster that will help you increase sexual characteristics.This thing is good for married couples who has intimate issues. I really don't know that there issues like sexual issues with married people until I got married myself and undergo some pre-marital seminars before the wedding.

Monday, May 23, 2011

We were here last Summer

Poor me, I'm just posting pictures from the summer last year.
I feel that this year summer almost slip away without me doing anything.
I hope I could still do something before the summer ends.
I'm thinking of going to Puerto Galera again.
I just don't know if this thing would happen since hubby just don't like the idea of it.

(I totally forget the name of this place)

Wishing to get a wider lawn

Hubby and went to see for the last before probably we give all the required checks to the company where we bought our house. As we see the actual house model we think of what else we can do for some little renovation to make it a better place for us. It's really a nice house and we really like it.

Hubby is thinking of planting some grass on the little lawn thing that we have so that we could make it a garden. How I really wish that we have a wider lawn so that I could use an ariens mowers to clean and mow the grass. But anyways, as for now I want to be contented on what God has given us.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hoping to get Skinny.

I just finished eating two bowls of rice (not a big bowl though just a small one) with corned tuna as my partner with the rice, and I feel very full and feel bad about myself. Actually I find it out that I ate more these previous days than the last months. It maybe because the Iron vitamins I take, and not only the food craving, I also am become sleepy during the day.

I am quite worried that it might double my weight in no time specially these days that I don't really do anything to lessen any weight at all. But I have learned something from this cissus quadrangularis weight loss. I'm not really quite sure if I would take this since hubby won't let me take just any pills for the reasons that I might get pregnant anytime soon (I do really hope and pray that its soon, sooner than I imagine).

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bike for me

I been thinking of buying a bike, I mean an exercise bike so that I could do it at home anytime I like. I was encouraged the more when I saw my friend status on facebook saying that she did 4k with her bike just in the kitchen. So I thought that I might do that as well, while cooking I could also do my workout with an exercise bike.

Well, talking about real biking though is I saw a lot of bikers lately biking around the city specially early in the morning. There are even cars that carries bikes using yakima bike rack's. These bike racks are really helpful specially when you will do the biking away for home.

I do hope that some of these days I will gonna have an exercise bike. :)

Gift for Sister

It's my sister-in-law birthday today but the celebration was yesterday held at her soon to be in-laws house just a village away from our place. She actually asked me to cook for her a dish called "bicol express". Her friends liked it which made me happy of course.

The highlight of my time in her party was chatting with her soon to be mom-in-law. I liked talking to her or I just like her in general probably, it seems that we could be good friends if God permits.

Talking about what should gift we could give to her today is: I am thinking of womens urban clothing and I will tell hubby about this later when he get home. I was actually thinking about the gift yesterday, but I was too occupied of cooking the dish, so we might just do it today.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 rainy sunday...

Last Sunday, it was actually "mom's day" when the husband and myself decided to go for a joy ride to Tagaytay (a place where most people go when they want to escape the hotness in Manila). The sky was just a bit cloudy when we left home, but a long the way or half way from home and target place the sky went black from just cloudy and hard rain poured down. We were both soaked but still enjoyed the ride.

I tried to upload a video in here to share with you, but the our internet connection just won't let me :(.

Hope I can next time.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Wanna be somewhere...

far and away from annoying people!
...people whose nothing to do with you,
but still annoys you.
...people who don't mind their own but others.
...people who say something behind your back
even when you're away.

( I am just a person who has loads of limitations and can't control my emotions, specially when I'm hurt! I really do ...EXPLODES! ...big time!)

Whatever wife lectures the violent baffle.

Whatever wife lectures the violent baffle.