Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Cost of Money

Got this from my church sunday bulletin article:

Cost of Money
by: Connie Hinnen Cook

How much did your money cost you?
Was the ladder of wealth hard to climb?
Did you stage some attacks,
Perhaps stab a few backs.
Did it take all your effort, your time?

How much did your money cost you?
Was your home full of peace or unrest?
At the close of the day,
Could you honestly say;
That you've given your family your best?

Did you have a nice home?
Did you drive a fine car?
Now you're sis feet below.
Will it get you that far?

How much did your money cost you?
Was that paycheck your only reward?
All those hours of pulling strings,
Just to buy you more things.
But no time for the things for the Lord.

How much you money cost you?
Did you look in the mirror with pride?
Or did greed run a muck?
For that almighty buck?
Till you put your conscience aside?
Did it cost your soul?
Did you dawdle in sin?

Now your outside of heaven, can you bribe your way in?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Is dreaming of Georgia USA

I've been talking with friends about visiting friends in Georgia, USA one these days. This would be very lovely when it happens

..and I would love to visit this park.
The Parks at Chehaw

Friday, July 22, 2011

Unintentional Gossip!

I'm here stuck in a room (a guest room of my beloved church). We're here because we decided to stay for several days for we felt tired of coming here and there riding the bike with all the heat and sweat and air pollution due to undisciplined vehicle owners.

We woke early this morning due to some loud noise outside, but we did not get up because there's really nothing to hurry about and in fact we don't see any people preparing for any activity here today. So we stayed in the room. Yet, if you look at the outside the room seems unoccupied since there's no light, the fan is set at a very low mode and it seems that no person is inside.

But the fact is, hubby and I are here and with all our innocence hearing all these gossips from older women who talks about people that are not their concerns. blah, blah, blahhhhh.... and another blah. These people makes me mad... about myself and about them.

I'm mad about them because: they are talking confidential issues(not concerning of themselves) in a public place. I am mad about myself because: I'm seeing a bit of me in them.

So help me God that I won't be like them.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Always in the Hospital

A friend of mine was just came from a community hospital a few days back. He stayed at the hospital for three days due to an operation. We teased him in a way because just a few months ago, he was confined with the same hospital for an abdominal problems. He seems like a hospital boarder or in other terms lodger.

Honestly, I don't like going to the hospital. I have my share of this "hospital saga" of my life, what I mean is: I consider my hospitalization a medieval history and I want it to remain like that. It was not a good one (something that I almost died of), and I don't wanna go back again to a hospital.

My sister in-law has an eyesight problem and it freaked me out why no one in the family is taking a moment or two to bring her to a hospital or optical clinic for I'm sure they are equipped of eye-treatment- device such as vision screener so that her eyes could be treated. I actually wish she's old enough to take care of herself, but all I can do now is suggest things and nothing more.

Home and Happy :)

We've been away for four days and it was a very hectic days of our lives, both emotional and physical. Yet in spite of what happened I still praise God for the grace that abounds from HIM.

My encouragement for today:)

*the joy of the Lord is our strength.
*be wise to choose your own circle and choose your own battle.

.....just this for today! God bless guys!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One fine day road trip

On our way to the office, I took a picture of hubby and myself using my samsung cellphone, but unfortunately it only capture hubby and a little bit of me. But its alright because as I see it, I'm not smiling and in fact I'm frowning. :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Importance of life insurance

I once got employed by someone who sells life insurance. I never knew then how things happen with this kind of business until I got hired. I thought it was easy and get a life insurance, I really thought it would never a hassle. But I was wrong so wrong, it's not only easy to get its also not easy to sell. It's hard to convince people how important or beneficial a life insurance can be.

There are actually many insurance plans available, and it can be used in many different ways as well. Its up to the person what kind she or he wants to buy. My friends brother got an accident a month ago and thanks to life insurance because if without it they probably in total debt this time. If people would only know the importance of life insurance I'm pretty sure they'll be getting a Wholesale Insurance Services to protect their loved one is times of trouble.

I know that I can't afford any life insurance yet but I would definitely get one if I have the means.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

All Kinds of Batteries

I was sitting down at our team leaders garage table waiting for hubby to come down to pick me up for home when I saw one of my team mates trying to recharge his cellphone battery. I was surprised at first because it never occurred to me that a cellphone battery could be recharge alone (I mean not being attach with the cellphone itself). I never knew it things like that happens still, sorry, my ignorance.

I never knew as well that there are stores whose expertise are on batteries and the sell all kindds of batteries and what's amazing is we can buy these batteries online, isn't it amazing! Actually I can now tell my friends where to look for batteries when they needed one.

Diet and Me

Honestly, I thought of food and being young and all is good. Then I also though of food and getting older and things kind of became complicated. Yeah very complicated, because when I was young and ate a a big mac at mcdonalds my body burned it just in a few hours, but this time when I eat just a regular burger I feel that the fats I take will be forever in my body.

So this time I can't help but count the calories I take and does research about diet pills like HCG diet Austin to really see if this one is good for me. There are actually loads of fat burners sold in and out of drugstores or health shops but we should be very careful in choosing one so that our health will not be jeopardize.

Me In a Diet Mode?

Friends thought of me crazy these fast three days that we were hanging out together (when I say hanging-out is: we were together from dinner to midnight snack to breakfast to lunch and to dinner again :)). What's made them freaked out when they were eating and I'm around is, I'm counting the food calories that we/they are about to consume and it made out all felt horrible in a funny way. Friends are friends even in horrible times.

Actually we all are thinking of diet pills that work or really works effectively, we are not teenagers anymore and our body's don't lose fat like a teenager does. At this age of ours when we eat food it's kind of being stocked in our body unlike when we we young and we ate loads and loads of food it seems that the food just went somewhere else. whew! I really need some good diet.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chilling watching "secret garden" on my favorite tv channel while writing a post in here. I got addicted kind of to this tele-series reason why no matter how tired I am.. I'm still up just to watch this tele-drama-series.

Secret garden is a Korean drama.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

New office

We just have finish painting our new office an is now setting up the tables and other stuff. So now as hubby arrange some things on our table I have this good opportunity to write a post in here. Well, it has been a week of true physical work for me and it really got all my energy. All I want and need this time is a good rest and a relaxing massage.

Anyway, I would also like to write down in here what I have done that made me tired. Together with my team, we painted the walls, windows and the floors of the new office. We also did a lot of sweeping and scrapping. We were all grateful that we have tools that made our job easy, like the sturdy step that we use so that we can reach the upper part of the windows and walls. I now realized that doing these things without proper tools will be very challenging.

Now the place looks good and cool and it feels like its a real office now. I am excited to come to the office.