Friday, September 30, 2011

Party like a rockstar

Christmas is coming soon and no matter what we do we can't keep it from coming. In fact it's 84 days left till Christmas day. I know a lot of people are making their list of "inaanaks" or godchildren and dear ones for Christmas gift. A lot of company's, schools, churches, groups, friends and individuals are making plans about parties and stuff like that or some are even planning of going out of town or country (am.. are they running away from people who would come to them for gifts? just joking). I would love to go somewhere for Christmas holiday with friends as we did five years ago, I went up North for a week with friends and it was unforgettable and so much fun. I wish I could do that again.

Last Christmas my friends planned a "rockstar christmas party", it was very fun specially that our friends from resides in the US came to visit. I just don't know though about this coming Christmas, no one send any Christmas invitations, however, I'm rest assured that when my friends plan it's gonna be fun, and if we're gonna sends invites... it probably would look like this picture below that I took from the net.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry! Invitations

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

UK: a place to visit back

Hubby has given the opportunity to visit United Kingdom five years ago through a church youth exchange program. There was this church in Luton that has a program that gives Filipino youth (particularly a church worker youth) to come a stay in their church for four months (from October until January). Our youth has to raise money good for four months day-to-day allowance, meaning they will provide for their food food and transportation, airfare and accommodations and other expenses are handled by the church program. Then after Filipino's has experience the Western Culture, the church in Luton will also send some of their youth to stay and immerse with Filipino culture for four months long.

This was indeed a great opportunity for youth to know more about the world, people, another culture, religion and a lot of other things. As my hubby struggle for a lot of things while he was in UK, things such as; money: he said that it is very expensive to live in such a wealthy place for a Filipino youth like him who can't barely buys his lunch, culture: is so much different from where he came from... it's more of individuality, lifestyle: Hubby can't cope up with their lifestyle.. they are more on to new gadgets.. while hubby has to borrow a cellphone when he was there. All in all... hubby was culturally shocked but Spiritually boosted.

I know it was the same thing or experience when their youth was here. They probably had wished for a croatia villas to stay with for a little comfort since they are away from home and comfort. As hubby struggle for the mind freezing coldness while he was there, I know for sure that the English youth had melted out while they were here. They're struggle are quite the same only in different situation.

With all hubby's hardwork while he was there, the Lord had give them a break as well so that they will enjoy the place, the culture and their stay by giving them chance to explore the place. As for hubby though... he was able to attend concert, visit remarkable places in London, and was given a chance to visit a stay for night in a rich mans place where the house is like a villas in Croatia because it was very nice. He could never asked for more than the experience he had while he was in UK.

Now, that hubby has a family of his own and is no longer a youth (and even went further than expected after doing the program for he became a youth leader... and is now a missionary), he wishes that he'll able to bring his family in that place once again and probably would even go holidays to Croatia if we have the money... even for just a week or two. Who knows the Lord whom we serves read my blog as well and grant my desire. I will be seeing you there... God only knows when :).

Old Town buildings and rooftops with cruiseship Costa Serena steaming by.
(photo copied from the net)

Screengrab from Pagasa

Typhoon Pedring (Inetrnational name Nasat) has exited the
Philippine area of responsibility but has left loads of

If I could only do something about typhoons and
could prevent them from visiting us. I will block it entirely.
Or... if only typhoon needs a visa to visit the Philippines,
I have probably write a letter to the government
telling them to blacklist all typhoons coming.

If only......

Monday, September 26, 2011

SM Bacoor

This was the very first time that we brought our baby to this mall riding daddy's motorbike. It was indeed a crazy move but worth the experience and we might not do it again unless our Z gets older and really know how to ride in the motorbike with daddy.

(proud daddy)
(sleeping baby)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Remembering my sleepless nights

I work as a telemarketer before to someone who lives in the US. I called people from the there through my computer. It was a good work though even it gave me sleepless nights since I do it during midnight here in the Philippines. The only thing that was hard was the accent. The locals could sense that I'm no American with the accent I have.

My boss was good to me though he provided all my needs and even gave me a vtech cellphone for my personal use co'z we can't use it to call people in the US. Someone borrowed that phone and never returned it. I'm pretty sure that vtech batteries is still good and the phone is still working. I just hope and pray that the phone is indeed in good hands and serves its purpose.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stop... read... and pray!

I knelt to pray but not for long,I had too much to do.I had to hurry and get to workFor bills would soon be due.So I knelt and said a hurried prayer,And jumped up off my knees.My Christian duty was now doneMy soul could rest at ease.....All day long I had no timeTo spread a word of cheerNo time to speak of Christ to friends,They'd laugh a at me I'd fear.No time, no time, too much to do,That was my constant cry,No time to give to souls in needBut at last the time, the time to dieI went before the Lord,I came, I stood with downcast eyes.For in his hands God! Held a book;It was the book of life.God looked into his book and said"Your name I cannot find
I once was going to write it down...
But never found the time"

Tips: smooth shave

Lifestyle is change now after this two months old baby came to our life and changes everything. I do not worry about at least smoothing myself up because kissing my wife with an unshaved moustache is never been an issue with her. Sometimes I don’t even notice that since I forgot to shave I look like a different person until someone like my mom would tell to clean myself up, not that I am dirty or something, it’s just all about my beardy.

Now that we have our baby life changes.. in a good way. I need to shave every other day so that I can kiss my girl. And though I don’t feel like doing it, but I need to if I want my face close to her. Ooh.. babies has this unintentional power to manipulate and hypnotized their parents and I think even the toughest person on this earth will be soften with babies charms.

Here are some tips though in having a soft clean after shave:
· Choosing a good razor blades is one factor to have a good shave. A good shaver can make a perfect shave.
· Applying a shaving cream before and after shave could also help make a perfect shave.
· Make sure that you always wet your face (for males) and legs (for women) to prevent skin irritation.
· Choose also a good badger shaving brush. You used use a shaving brush to spread the cream rather using your finger.
· You can apply a pre-shave oil as well. It soften the beard for shaving.
· Use a face scrub or shaving soap when you don’t feel like using a cream, but don’t shave with none of either of the two.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Friends and LCD's

I am happy and excited about my friend J's new lcd. It was indeed big and has loads of add ons ( I mean she not only get a the lcd tv but it goes with other mini theater equipment's). I was happy to see it and even watched a movie in it. Such things are really tempting you have in the house, but when you are short in budget don't even dare to look at them or else you'll end in debt.

As for me... I might get one of those when I have move to my new house and has a lesser expenses, and as for today I'll just look at this samsung lcd tvs first and pray that the Lord will give me one someday. So since, I'm capable of buying it, I'll get contented with our flat screen samsung tv first.

LG LK520 55-INCH 1080P 120HZ LCD HDTV

Roadside Assistance and my very close friends

Traveling is one thing I love doing even if it means more cash to go and numb butts co'z of sitting and a dizzy head because of the long drive. I really don't mind all these as long as I'm travelling... and travelling with hubby and friends. Nothing beats a long trip or travel with your best friends. Nothing compares to a holiday together with them... eating, swimming,playing board-games, laughing, sleeping together in a very small a shack and dreaming together.

Travelers, drivers or car owners would never know the importance of roadside assistance unless they experience the trouble in being in the road of nowhere with a broken vehicle. Whom you'll gonna call then when you have no plans and support? Driving is truly and adventure co'z you'll never know what will happen to you while you are in your way.

The good thing about in today's business is... there are people or company's who are willing to render help in times of trouble like this in a non-expensive way. Those people are willing to come to your aid with all the equipment you need to give you assistance.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I need a car

Yes, I need a car and this time is for real. If I could only sell hubby's motorbike more than its price so that I could buy a car now... then I probably would.
The reason of this... is because traveling with a baby without your own car is no fun at all. Its always double the expenses and to think that we are cross cutting things since our expenses are getting out of control because of the baby.

I wish I have a lot of extra income and I even wished I have a business even if its small as long as i have an income every month. I told hubby to look for a possible business spot, but since hubby is no businessman and don't have any business inclination... he always tell me that " I really don't know what to say... maybe you do it."

So now I thinking that probably the Lord has no go signal for me to do any business, and maybe I need to pray more about this as well but as for now I really need a car... not a borrowed one... but our own.

Then.. when the Lord blesses us a car I could look for a polaris rzr accessories... that is if the Lord will give me a Polaris brand of car, but to tell you any brand will do.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Robinson's Ermita Manila- malling with baby Z

Went to this mall last Sunday with friends to have a "sushi-all you can eat". We were overwhelmingly full. If I had to taste all of their sushi's my tummy might burst, so I take all those I felt tasty.

We all had fun not only because of the sushi's that we ate... it was fun because we went there together. Nothing compares to good friends really. I'm just thankful I have loads of them. :)

the boys :)
the girls :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

first Official Malling

On Sunday... hubby, Ziah and myself together with some friends will go to a mall for a "sushi all you can" food tripping. This would be also the first official malling of my baby. I am very excited specially because tomorrow we will going to buy a brand new stroller for her. I can't wait for tomorrow to shine and can't wait to put my baby in her stroller.

Tonight as we put her to bed, hubby lovingly stroke her several hairs and said... "I love my baby so much". My baby gets so much attention and love from us and from her tita's and tito's...

I am so much thankful God has brought her to us.
Thank you Lord for this wonderful and adorable gift. :)