Friday, January 13, 2012

... the trouble of having no tools..

I was with my friends new house when she finally moved all her stuff. Having big size couch, bed frame and other stuff made us or my guys friends (who helped moved) to bring inside the above said stuff. In fact they needed to take the door out just to fit in the couch and the big size oven. Her couch is still sitting in her dining area co'z we can't find any cutting tools to cut it in two so that it would fit in the stairs space to bring it to her room upstairs.

It really took as awhile to decide of what to do with the wood bed frame of hers until we come up with the cutting suggestion.  There is  no other way anyway but to cut it. It may sound sad but it's the only way.

As hubby and I prepare for our final move as well, we now know of what things to prepare and what to do during that time. I'm excited though even it still a long way to wait.

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