Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A great way of spending a date.

Got this picture from a friend of a friend file and copied it to post in here co'z I like it. This is indeed a romantic way of spending a valentine date. I'm hoping there is no mosquito though in here :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bataan Bound

Hubby, my baby, myself together with some workers of my church will be heading North for an evangelistic concert. So in preparation, I did laundry this morning so that I could pack our clothes tomorrow. We need to bring more clothes co'z we won't be until Sunday night for sure.
I am excited and can't wait!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blogging today

It's Sunday and I'm blogging. Well I have to do this before going to church for two reason; first: that we might not able to come home tonight, so this means that I can't get online; second is: I need to update my blog  co'z it would take days before I can post here.

Blogging is fun and so is browsing anything from the web. Just recently I bumped into sites that are really interesting and some are inspiring. It's always good to stay for awhile and be inspired by their post. A lot of peeps nowadays are actually putting online their favorites and they make a Personal Creations page and make it published. In this way they can attract people that has same interest with them and create a community. If you  are doing business this can also attract clients.

Just recently though I bought a cookies voucher from a deal and when hubby has to get the cookies, he was so surprised that he is not picking it from a store but in the bakers house. The cookies was homemade . She just probably did a personal creation page and some people liked it. This is one reason why facebook is being rained down with soo much personal creation page :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cebu bound next month :)

Booked our one way yet ticket to Cebu for a prayer conference next month. This is for real I know co'z we already got our ticket though it's still one way. I know God will give us a cheaper flight back, we'll to wait and see:).
Praise You dear Lord for this great opportunity!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine means....

... in a Christian perspective... valentine should mean this:

Happy valentine everyone!
Jesus love us all! :)

Fashionable Scrubs

I was watching a show last night about a nanny who denies herself because of deep attachment with her employer and the kids she takes care of.  She is still living and still taking care of the baby who became a kid, a lady, now a mom and a politician. The nanny has actually had a stage one cancer and is now in the US  for treatment and is being taken care of her employer because she means a lot and is dearly loved by them. The woman whom this nanny give her whole life said...; "my nanny carries half of the sky for me because I don't live an easy life, and so therefore she deserves our love in return."

The nanny, who though is not recognized as a nanny anymore but part of the family is still wearing a nanny scrub even though she doesn't need to do so. Hopefully.. this family will buy her a Marcus scrubs, so that even though she wears scrubs she would still look good co'z these stuff are really fashionable.

The woman I was talking above is seventy something year old already, no husband or family co'z she dedicated her life to these people... the one she is with... up to this moment. :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Again.. and again... and again!

I probably am a travel freak person, you know why?... co'z I love to travel... to places. The only thing with me is.. I don't like to travel alone co's I love doing it with  friends.

I went to church with hubby and my baby yesterday, and of course going church means seeing lovely friends with  little talk and walk with them  from here to there, then have some good laughs that only friends can give. God is indeed a friendly God co'z He never fail giving us good friends.

Of course... when friends had chats.. it never end up without some out-of-town plans. So my friend is in the look now for a cheap trip to Cebu-Phils for a four day trip. I am as always excited specially that this will hopefully (God permit) going to happen this March. How I wish as well I have some extra cash to buy a camera for this trip co'z we don't have a camera, wish I could get some coupons at Macys coupons so that I can get discounts. But with all the expenses we are facing for the trips, I don't think we can still afford for another extra expenses:(

I believe that God is good and He is able to give us a good quality camera.