Sunday, February 5, 2012

Again.. and again... and again!

I probably am a travel freak person, you know why?... co'z I love to travel... to places. The only thing with me is.. I don't like to travel alone co's I love doing it with  friends.

I went to church with hubby and my baby yesterday, and of course going church means seeing lovely friends with  little talk and walk with them  from here to there, then have some good laughs that only friends can give. God is indeed a friendly God co'z He never fail giving us good friends.

Of course... when friends had chats.. it never end up without some out-of-town plans. So my friend is in the look now for a cheap trip to Cebu-Phils for a four day trip. I am as always excited specially that this will hopefully (God permit) going to happen this March. How I wish as well I have some extra cash to buy a camera for this trip co'z we don't have a camera, wish I could get some coupons at Macys coupons so that I can get discounts. But with all the expenses we are facing for the trips, I don't think we can still afford for another extra expenses:(

I believe that God is good and He is able to give us a good quality camera.

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