Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blogging today

It's Sunday and I'm blogging. Well I have to do this before going to church for two reason; first: that we might not able to come home tonight, so this means that I can't get online; second is: I need to update my blog  co'z it would take days before I can post here.

Blogging is fun and so is browsing anything from the web. Just recently I bumped into sites that are really interesting and some are inspiring. It's always good to stay for awhile and be inspired by their post. A lot of peeps nowadays are actually putting online their favorites and they make a Personal Creations page and make it published. In this way they can attract people that has same interest with them and create a community. If you  are doing business this can also attract clients.

Just recently though I bought a cookies voucher from a deal and when hubby has to get the cookies, he was so surprised that he is not picking it from a store but in the bakers house. The cookies was homemade . She just probably did a personal creation page and some people liked it. This is one reason why facebook is being rained down with soo much personal creation page :)

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