Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fashionable Scrubs

I was watching a show last night about a nanny who denies herself because of deep attachment with her employer and the kids she takes care of.  She is still living and still taking care of the baby who became a kid, a lady, now a mom and a politician. The nanny has actually had a stage one cancer and is now in the US  for treatment and is being taken care of her employer because she means a lot and is dearly loved by them. The woman whom this nanny give her whole life said...; "my nanny carries half of the sky for me because I don't live an easy life, and so therefore she deserves our love in return."

The nanny, who though is not recognized as a nanny anymore but part of the family is still wearing a nanny scrub even though she doesn't need to do so. Hopefully.. this family will buy her a Marcus scrubs, so that even though she wears scrubs she would still look good co'z these stuff are really fashionable.

The woman I was talking above is seventy something year old already, no husband or family co'z she dedicated her life to these people... the one she is with... up to this moment. :)

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