Friday, March 30, 2012

Is going to a Youth Camp

It has been a while since my last youth camp attend and thinking about going to one in a few hours reminds me of things we did before. My last camp was over a year ago and it was a family camp and I was assigned to take care of infants and toddlers. Ooh... if I could avoid that to happen again I probably would. It was all chaos, shouting in here-yelling in there, crying in here-fighting in there. Goodness! I was soaking with my sweat all through out camp time, and was so exhausted during night time that I don't wanna talk, listen or just do anything. All I want is shower, peace and rest! I expect that this time would be different co'z it's a youth camp and the only baby I have to take care of is my adorable baby Z, plus, I am with friends and I know things would be just fine.

Thinking of going away for several days made me also think of my online responsibilities. I know I cannot I check my emails and facebook and worst of all I cannot do any blogging. I  have several emails about company's that would like me to publish their software promotion on my blog, but since I'm always on the go, I don't find time to sit down review the product and promote it. I just hope though that in the future I find courage and wisdom how to do it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Three guitars

The husband here has three guitar, one acoustic and two electric. I don't why he is collecting guitars and had even asked his sister to tell her fiance' who is currently working in Dubai to buy him another guitar as "pasalubong". Hearing him uttered the words made me yell at him, how could he do that and what is another guitar for?!  This made me want to sell his guitar for an iPad or tomtom gps anyway we're always on the go, these stuff is a great help I think than a new guitar again.

It boggles my mind how boys love to collect this thing and it boggles my mind more how hubby is not satisfied of having three. Yet... I may look not into it, I mean of him collecting guitars, but, if I have money to buy a really  really good quality guitar, I probably would get one also for his birthday.

I probably just love him enough to give in to his hobbies.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Airports: NAIA 3, Mactan Cebu

The trip was fun but tiring and yet since we do it for a greater purpose, we just worshiped all tiredness goodbye. I got sick though and actually still is, but, it's no compare to what the Lord has done for us. I am so much thankful that He made it possible for me and my family to experienced Cebu for the second time.

These two pictures below were taken inside Manila International Airport 3.

These two pictures below were taken in Mactan International Airport Cebu

Monday, March 19, 2012

A t-shirt with my name

I have perfume allergy, this allergy causes me drowsiness with cough and cold, and I don't like feeling sick because: first, I have baby to take care of and the thought of her getting my sickness is quite unlikable, second is that... in two days time my family is going for a four day trip and definitely I  don't want to be sick in this trip.

I am very excited for this trip because this is the very first time that my little girl will be riding in an airplane. I don't know what to expect of her during the ride since I haven't experience it yet with her. But I just hope and pray that all thing will be good. One thing for sure is...  there's gonna be loads of photos of her during the ride.

Hubby is going to play with the band in the conference and though I don't sing or play with the band I am somehow part of this team even though I have a very little humble part but I am happy I am part of it. My friend told me that we might get a t-shirt where we can print the band's name and I'm hoping my name is on it too. My friend has a printing business though and I know that having our team t-shirt printed is no problem at all. Their printing business is just small  and they don't have plastic cards printing yet, maybe in the future if God's permit their business will grow and more printing business to offer.

I pray that this week will gonna be a good good week :). I expect to see more of Jesus (His presence, holiness, faithfulness, provisions and miracle).

Sunday, March 11, 2012

at Glorietta Park

My brother in-law posses at one of the big stone at Glorietta park during our visits. This was his first time since they moved to Cavite. My mom-in-law felt sad that she can no longer bring her youngs  to places like this, whereas before, she had brought my husband-the eldest of four children and her daughter-second to the eldest, to nice places co'z they still had more money to spend.

I am happy to be an instrument of God's blessing. Hubby and I wants to treat his siblings specially the younger two to places they've never been and somewhat would like to visits. We are doing it one at a time since we don't have a car and bus and jeepney  fare nowadays are getting higher and higher. We wait for a time when our ministry van is available and we borrow it. Thank God it was available when we needed it for our Glorietta trip. :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Valentine's date

Hubby and I went to mall of Asia for our valentine date. We walked around and visits some shops. We also managed to take a picture of ourselves.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tea's side effects

Last ten days I was drinking tea before bed time co'z it says on its level that drinking it before bed time will help me relax, give me a good night sleep, and most of all loose weight.  Actually the first night that I have drunk it I did get a good sleep and so I continue drinking it. But then again I got skeptical about the loosing weight thing co'z I never felt anything that have change in my size after drinking for ten days.

The box of tea is gone already and hubby haven't got me another tea yet and so I now miss my tea. I am now thinking actually if the tea that I have drunk has any side effects. I've read some reviews but it doesn't say anything about side affects at all. But one thing is for sure though that all chemical based medicines has side effects, I'm wondering if  there is a apidexin side effects and how bad the side effects are. I just hope and pray that the tea that I have been drinking of has no bad side effects on me.

I also hope that soon enough hubby will remember to buy me a tea co'z I now love drinking it before bed.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Electronic cash got declined :(

Yup, it was a bit shameful and humiliating thing that happened to us at the grocery store. We stayed for quite a time co'z we took our time shopping with some goods and just found  out that our credit card has insufficient fund anymore to pay the items we're supposed to buy. It gave the people there more work to do co'z they will going to put back the items on their proper shelf's.

Hubby got irritated by what the cashier girl had asked him: "sir, is this card yours?", hubby looked at her annoyed by the question and answered with a bit serious and a bit irritated face, "yes, it's mine". I know that the cashier people we're just doing their job and give suspicions to every people who got encountered with such issues concerning declined credit cards because of the rampant stealing of money on credit cards.

I was a bit ashamed by what happened, but as I stood there thinking of what to do, I re-think again and told myself why should I be ashamed of co'z it happens to people and I'm not pretending whatsoever that I'm a rich person or anything, so there is nothing to lose really. I'm just thankful that I have God who assures me that everything will be just fine :)