Sunday, March 11, 2012

at Glorietta Park

My brother in-law posses at one of the big stone at Glorietta park during our visits. This was his first time since they moved to Cavite. My mom-in-law felt sad that she can no longer bring her youngs  to places like this, whereas before, she had brought my husband-the eldest of four children and her daughter-second to the eldest, to nice places co'z they still had more money to spend.

I am happy to be an instrument of God's blessing. Hubby and I wants to treat his siblings specially the younger two to places they've never been and somewhat would like to visits. We are doing it one at a time since we don't have a car and bus and jeepney  fare nowadays are getting higher and higher. We wait for a time when our ministry van is available and we borrow it. Thank God it was available when we needed it for our Glorietta trip. :)

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