Thursday, March 1, 2012

Electronic cash got declined :(

Yup, it was a bit shameful and humiliating thing that happened to us at the grocery store. We stayed for quite a time co'z we took our time shopping with some goods and just found  out that our credit card has insufficient fund anymore to pay the items we're supposed to buy. It gave the people there more work to do co'z they will going to put back the items on their proper shelf's.

Hubby got irritated by what the cashier girl had asked him: "sir, is this card yours?", hubby looked at her annoyed by the question and answered with a bit serious and a bit irritated face, "yes, it's mine". I know that the cashier people we're just doing their job and give suspicions to every people who got encountered with such issues concerning declined credit cards because of the rampant stealing of money on credit cards.

I was a bit ashamed by what happened, but as I stood there thinking of what to do, I re-think again and told myself why should I be ashamed of co'z it happens to people and I'm not pretending whatsoever that I'm a rich person or anything, so there is nothing to lose really. I'm just thankful that I have God who assures me that everything will be just fine :)

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