Monday, March 19, 2012

A t-shirt with my name

I have perfume allergy, this allergy causes me drowsiness with cough and cold, and I don't like feeling sick because: first, I have baby to take care of and the thought of her getting my sickness is quite unlikable, second is that... in two days time my family is going for a four day trip and definitely I  don't want to be sick in this trip.

I am very excited for this trip because this is the very first time that my little girl will be riding in an airplane. I don't know what to expect of her during the ride since I haven't experience it yet with her. But I just hope and pray that all thing will be good. One thing for sure is...  there's gonna be loads of photos of her during the ride.

Hubby is going to play with the band in the conference and though I don't sing or play with the band I am somehow part of this team even though I have a very little humble part but I am happy I am part of it. My friend told me that we might get a t-shirt where we can print the band's name and I'm hoping my name is on it too. My friend has a printing business though and I know that having our team t-shirt printed is no problem at all. Their printing business is just small  and they don't have plastic cards printing yet, maybe in the future if God's permit their business will grow and more printing business to offer.

I pray that this week will gonna be a good good week :). I expect to see more of Jesus (His presence, holiness, faithfulness, provisions and miracle).


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