Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tea's side effects

Last ten days I was drinking tea before bed time co'z it says on its level that drinking it before bed time will help me relax, give me a good night sleep, and most of all loose weight.  Actually the first night that I have drunk it I did get a good sleep and so I continue drinking it. But then again I got skeptical about the loosing weight thing co'z I never felt anything that have change in my size after drinking for ten days.

The box of tea is gone already and hubby haven't got me another tea yet and so I now miss my tea. I am now thinking actually if the tea that I have drunk has any side effects. I've read some reviews but it doesn't say anything about side affects at all. But one thing is for sure though that all chemical based medicines has side effects, I'm wondering if  there is a apidexin side effects and how bad the side effects are. I just hope and pray that the tea that I have been drinking of has no bad side effects on me.

I also hope that soon enough hubby will remember to buy me a tea co'z I now love drinking it before bed.

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