Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Three guitars

The husband here has three guitar, one acoustic and two electric. I don't why he is collecting guitars and had even asked his sister to tell her fiance' who is currently working in Dubai to buy him another guitar as "pasalubong". Hearing him uttered the words made me yell at him, how could he do that and what is another guitar for?!  This made me want to sell his guitar for an iPad or tomtom gps anyway we're always on the go, these stuff is a great help I think than a new guitar again.

It boggles my mind how boys love to collect this thing and it boggles my mind more how hubby is not satisfied of having three. Yet... I may look not into it, I mean of him collecting guitars, but, if I have money to buy a really  really good quality guitar, I probably would get one also for his birthday.

I probably just love him enough to give in to his hobbies.

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