Saturday, April 28, 2012

Diet?...still my dream!

I was talking to mom-in-law just awhile ago about how we got bigger these days. She blamed all the food she ate, but as for me, I put the blame on the heat co'z it's making me hungry. Sometimes I put my blame on the coffee I drink which I know "it's a shame on me" thing.

I actually tried drinking a slimming tea in the hope that it would effect on my diet, but sad to say for some health reasons. So now I go back into eating more rice which is really really bad. I can't help it, my tongue likes it and my tummy welcomes it widely open. I hope though that this diet pill that I found is really effective on me, and if you too would like to know about it just click here and see it yourself.

I wish healthy and trim body for all of us in the days ahead! :)

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