Saturday, April 21, 2012

Guitars and Hubby

Hubby was teaching guitar lessons to two of his siblings the other day. Of course his youngest brother is more unto it than his youngest sister. The youngest brother even brought hubby's acoustic guitar in their room for practice.  I hope he'll able to learn how to play guitar this summer.

I been posting here about my hubby's guitars. He has three guitars: one acoustic and two electric. The acoustic guitar has no case, the two electric has soft cases but his all time favorite electric guitar has not only the soft case but also has a leather hard case. Anyone can mess up hubby's life if they want, but never his guitars. His leather case has no scratch yet which is we are very thankful or else hubby would be very mad and would be looking for a leather scratch repair and he will pay no matter how much as long as his leather case would look good again.

I also hope though that our daughter will also learn to play guitar and become really good at it just like her dad, for sure I would be a proud momma ever.

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