Friday, April 27, 2012

It's hot hot hot

This hot weather here in the Phils is driving me pretty crazy. I wanted to shower three times a day but what bogged me is, even the water that comes out in our faucet is almost boiling hot as well, who could take a hot shower in the middle of a hot day then? Well, it's not me and can't be me co'z I'd rather sit in front of a fan than shower with a hot water.

If there is only a medical instrument I can use to ease this hot and warm feeling we have everyday I probably put it in my medical carts and purchase it right away.

I actually have proofs of the hotness we always feel at home:

My baby has to sleep without clothes co'z he can't sleep with it, it irritates to the maximum level, and not only that she doesn't like to wear clothes during day time, she also shower three times a day.

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