Monday, April 16, 2012

Needs follow-up

The sixteen months is almost over and the promised take-over is not yet follow-up, part of me is excited co'z I know one of these days I'll be moving again to another house and this time hopefully  would be the last time as in last. Thinking of occupying the house makes me excited and my mind is flooded with so many ideas of designs and stuff to buy for the new house.

First thing  we need to do though is to tile the floor,  set up cabinets, set-up wooden bunk beds for in-laws, and set-up the laundry area.  Since we don't have a car yet to make a residential steel garages, hubby and I have decided that we are going to landscape the lawn first.  Hubby gets design ideas from the set-up model house from our developer.

It seems that we have a lot plans but actually everything still depends on God alone co'z we don't have the means to buy or do these all, but we believe in the promises of Him who made this dream house possible.

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