Friday, April 27, 2012

Yo Yo Toys for Godsons

I was at toy kingdom store-SM Bacoor yesterday. I brought my Ziah there co'z all my companions were busy of their own thing (in McDonald)... waiting for their turn of claiming their food. When I saw there were loads of people falling in line. I decided to instead visits some shops to avoid stampede (as if). At toy kingdom, I saw a lot of toys of course, some, I'd like to buy for my baby and others for my godsons and daughters.

The Yo yo toy got most my attention really co'z it made think of my godsons whom I haven't given any gift last Christmas. I was actually thinking of buying some yesterday if hubby would not only reacts to that. One of my godson loves Yo yo so much that when we were in Bangkok November of last last year, he made it a point that he'll get a yo yo from there and he did not care enough when the saleslady ripped him of his money co'z she sells it to him in high price. I wonder though if that yo yo is still alive or it has  yoyo string still. I am thinking of giving him yo yo string instead.

I felt bad though that I haven't got any gift for my "inaanaks" co'z for sure they'll all be waiting for me to give them their gifts. I hope and pray that this year will be a good year for me and I'll be able to save money for Christmas gift for them.

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