Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I am not a coffee addict co'z I can still go without coffee but I won't hide the truth that most of the time I really crave to have a cup of it. I like it more with cream and sugar but there are rare times that I want it black and bitter which is weird (but that is just happen once in a blue moon if there's a blue moon really). My office-mate has went withdrawal stage when she decided to quit coffee for awhile. I just hope happen to me.

I just wonder though how those people feeling-those who is addicted to coffee and cigarette and alcohol. I just can't think what would happen to them when they will tried to stop doing such. They probably go crazy for awhile which is a very awful feeling. Quitting is really hard specially when you're really not into it specially now a days that temptations are all over the place. When you go to the mall coffee shops are everywhere, famous cigars shops are in every corner, and alcohol is very cheap.

I hope though that those who decide to quit will have great will power to indeed put and end if these things just give them trouble.

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