Thursday, May 10, 2012

Almost over the edge

This is just a wife rant and nothing is too serious!

I almost gave up and give in to my normal self and forget about the in-laws were around. My beloved almost drove me real crazy with his annoying nagging about my scattered stuff; e.g. netbook on the couch, charger on the chair, mouse pad and mouse on  the dining table and plus my little Z's stuff were all around the house too.

It's probably just okay with me when he would nagged me about all these stuff when its just us, but it's really different thing when in-laws are around and hubby is talking to me like boss reprimanding his secretary. The thing is, when hubby starts seeing things he doesn't like.. he even dig  deeper and goes beyond what is normally seen, he's like a barcode scanner that scans things in our house, making sure everything is in the way it should be just like the way he puts it.

It actually drives me crazy when he's like that. It made me want to  mess more just to get even with him. It made me wish in-laws are somewhere and not home so that I can just be me and yell back to the husband(ness). Yet all I could do is wish and still look nice even though I'm burning inside. Then after a few hours we're good again.

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