Friday, May 11, 2012

I need to buy a dvd player

...I just don't know when though. Our dvd player got broken December last year, just on time when we are about to move with the in-laws. It got broken because we always play our little Z's baby einstein videos. Playing the video helped us make stay in one corner specially this time that she can now crawl fast, it's sometimes hard to make her just sit and not to go to things or area in the house that is not suitable for children to play.

In-laws dvd's is almost waving it's good bye too co'z there were times when it got stuck and doesn't play. So this means that we need to buy a new dvd player and of course with that we also might purchase dvds for Ziah and for our viewings too. I haven't been to the movie store for a long time now and thinking of a visit there makes me excited.

Hopefully  I could visit soon!

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