Monday, May 14, 2012

The need to chill in a hotel :)

The heat is driving me to think of a cooler place such as North America or an up town place or  a cold hotel room or just as simple and the cheapest of them all... a mall, but none of that I'm going.. which is so sad.  I was browsing online the other night hoping to see a cheaper deal for a hotel stay, but, alas! I found... none! All hotels are expensive, it's beyond my budget.

Well, I was hoping though that I'll be able to see a cheap deal in the hotel where we stayed after my wedding. Yet the cost for a night stay with breakfast is less than two thousand five hundred but no more than that. It's quite tempting to book for a night but I did not give in to the temptation, I held my ground. I just dream about it instead, in fact I'm day dreaming that I'm inside the cold room snuggling with hubby while watching a movie on a flat screen tv standing on it's flat screen TV mounts. A room with no mess and nothing to clean about. Then  have a full body massage in the room. Wow! what a life.

I wish someone will book a night for me as a birthday present. This would be an awesome gift.

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