Sunday, May 27, 2012

Puerto Galera White Beach: Bus and Boat

From Buendia bus stop (there are two bus station there: one along Buendia-Taft and the is along Buendia highway). It would take two hours or more (depending on traffic) to get to Batanggas Port and it would take each passenger php 150-200 for bus fare depending on bus rate. Some bus rate are higher than the other, sorry though for I cannot tell which is which.

When at the Port: be careful to watch for your belongings co'z a lot of people both with good hearts and not are around you. Some shipping/boat staff will tell you to get boat tickets from them. A boat ticket will cost php 250 one way but some shipping lines will give you discounts of 450 if you get a two way ticket. After getting the ticket you need to pay for an environmental fee which cost you php 50 (Senior citizens though has to pay php 40 only as long as you have your ID with you), and children 12yr old and blow are exempted together with those who lives in Puerto Galera and Oriental Mindoro Province.

Boats leaves Batanggas port at 6am first trip and 5pm is the last trip. Then Boats leaves Puerto Galera (whichever Beach you are) at 7am first trip and 430 last trip. Make sure that you confirmed the shipping/boat staff about your ticket an hour early from the departure time when leaving Puerto Galera beach to avoid hassle or any trouble. Make sure you are around boat vicinity an hour ahead.

When it regards to the hotel, Appartelle or Inn for your stay, You could either book online or go to the place and do the booking while you're already there. Nothing to worries co'z there are loads of place to stay and the beach is open in season and out season (I mean summer or not).

I am writing this in the hope that I myself and my friends will be able to use it whenever they think of going to Puerto Galera. My inspiration of writing are my friends that comes from the other country and who's heart are set to enjoy the mesmerizing white or Sabang beach, not to mention the falls and other beautiful scenery in this place. It's indeed more fun in the Philippines!

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