Friday, May 11, 2012

Rants about last night

I can't help but write down my day to day life as a daughter/sister in-law, a mom and a wife. The mother in-law is a working mom and I'm always left alone with the in-laws since school is off because it's summer vacation. This means I have to prepare food for them co'z the mom in-law is away. Then I have to cook food for dinner even with times that I don't feel like it.

I am not complaining at all co'z before we live with them I told myself I will do this as my ministry since I don't do ministry at church I will instead do it with hubby's fam. Yet, tough times really comes even to ministries and I had last night. Hubby came home when it was almost dark and he asked for food, but the your's truly here haven't prepared anything yet co'z I was watching american idol.

Hubby didn't mind at all that there's no food yet but he nagged me again about the credit card I borrowed from him the previous day. He scolded me for not returning it in his wallet co'z he went to the grocery to buy some stuff that I asked him to and when he was about pay the items the card wasn't there. So he came home annoyed and irritated.

Then what's add to the not so good mood in the house was it's after eight already and I was still cooking when we run out of cooking gas. So mom has to go out to buy and she came home she got the wrong gas tank co'z it wouldn't fit and the hose was kind of rusty, so these things made hubby's world pitch black and he became more irritated. How I wish the hose was made of teflon hose so that it will last for sometimes and probably would make things easier.

Anyways, we ate late and praise God things are good again today.

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