Wednesday, May 16, 2012

She's a cry baby today :(

She's not happy today I don't know why. Her fever have left her already since last night which makes me and hubby very thankful.  I tried to read her books with but she just seems not interested. She keeps on making a baby-cry sound but no tears in her eyes though. She doesn't want milk, water, or toys, all that she wants is tossed herself around.

She doesn't even want to watch her most favorite video. We play it on just a few minutes ago but she just doesn't care at all. I wonder though if her tummy is aches, or her gums is really hurts so bad because of coming out teeth, or just nothing at all. Probably she'll quit crying if I give her a 70s retro candy or give her the dolls below. Well, I don't really know the cause of the cry, but as a mom, my baby could always depend  on me co'z my love will never fail even with such annoying tantrums.

 beautiful rag dolls
personalizable rag doll + accessories

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  1. Hi there! I'm feeling the same feeling as you do. Recently my daughter was admitted because of high fever due to pneumonia. It's a difficult situation in which you don't know what causes their cries. As a mom, I feel helpless and clueless and pains also because you know your baby is hurting.