Thursday, May 17, 2012

Skin Pampering in mind

It's been awhile now that I been wanting to go to a spa: for a full body massage, to go to a salon: for a hair-care, foots-spa, manicure and pedicure, warts removal and a whole lot more. When sometimes I happen to visit department store, I can't help myself but look on the beauty section and try looking for cheap beauty products.

It sad thing to say that even though I saw some (not maybe the cheapest but still compare to the original price), but I still cannot buy it co'z I don't have a cash with me and hubby is nowhere to be found as well. I wish that someone would gift me cleopatra's product, specially this time that it's cleopatras choice sale, these product is definitely good for a stayed at home mom.


  1. hi there. ang dami mo palang blogs. congrats! Thanks ulit sa pag-add sa blog ko (pwedeng bang magrequest? paki-ayos naman ng spelling ng shopping:-) Salamat!
    I added your link on my blog. Check it out.

  2. DOne :D
    thanks for linking me.