Monday, May 7, 2012

Video Conference with friends abroad...

Not a good phone talker I am nor with video talking, I'd rather send a long letter where you can read five minutes than talk an hour. There was this time when hubby was away and did not text co'z he was saving his load for a call but  I told hubby to send me a text rather.

A friend to lives in South America called last week through a video call. We talked for about an hour I'm so annoyed of myself co'z I don't have any interesting topic to tell knowing we haven't seen or talk for a long time already.  All I can say was: "hi, hello, and how are you?" Then another friend wrote to us a letter telling us a bunch of things and for her last message she said we need to set a date for a video call.

What bogs me with regards to this video call is it's sometimes hard to connect and a lot of other undesirable things like lost connections or no voice heard or no picture/image either of the lines. These things happen specially when we're doing a conference call. How I wish hubby know something about video conferencing solutions so that he can easily fix  or trouble shoot any video calling troubles.

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