Friday, June 15, 2012

Good Real State Agent

I talked to this lady I've known for only a few weeks. She's nice, smart, gorgeous and wealthy. I actually can't believe that she told me her life story. I also don't know why I bumped into people who has money but needs a friend to tell their story or just what is in their mind. This happen to me before already and has happened again. I just pray that the Lord will indeed guide and bless them, and that in spite of their having money and material things, they will still see the need of Jesus in their lives.

She stayed in Singapore for fifteen years and worked there as a real state agent and she was very good at this and in fact loads of business people knew her. And because of it she accumulate loads of money and because she's good you can bring her anywhere even at Oak Island real estate and I'm sure she'll be good there as well.

Talking with her makes me made an assessment of what a rich business woman is thinking and doing and with that I don't think I'll fit in that rich man world.

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