Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hotel Bathrooms

I was at Intercontinental hotel-Makati the other day.  It's not that it was me who checked in there. I stayed at my friend for the night co'z she was going back to Canada. Our first plan was to lay by the pool and so i brought my bathing suit, but to our dismay it rained. So instead we lie down on her bed, watch television and slept. I was actually excited to go swimming by the pool because of my baby Z. And because we were not able to swim we just let her splash at the bath tub.

I love hotel's shower room, in fact I just told my friend that I want something like it in my house. I wish my house is big so that I can have a bigger bathroom too. I wish I have a tab to have a tab top curtains and a cabinet full of soft comfy towels. Actually what I really wish is to have a room like a hotel.

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