Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hubby and his motorbike

I'm a woman and needs some women friends co'z there is no way I could live with just hubby and his thinking, stuff, likes and dislikes. Don't get me wrong: I love my husband that I would do anything in this world for him. But I cannot stand him all day twenty-four/seven. He will drive me crazy and mad.

I just realized that no matter how you want or love a person; may it be a friend, a family, children or a husband... you needed some time away from them or else you'll end up hating them for the rest of your life.

Just this morning hubby woke up, went outside to see his motorbike and found some ants eating his seats, that thing drove him mad and sad. Of course there's no one there to listen but me. It's not only about the ants but the whole thing about what's happening in all his gadget..y. He kept on telling me that some parts of his bike is broken and I don't know if it includes the linear bearings. I kept on telling him to go and let it fix but he doesn't go. So whenever he would whine about this thing again, I pretend I don't listen.

But its hard co'z I do listen and there's no way I can't co'z there's only me and him.

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