Friday, June 22, 2012

Hubby is a bookkeeper...

...and so do I. Hubby has been doing the job for quite a while and I just got the job for a year. Hubby likes it but I don't and he does my work sometime (woo oh, don't get me wrong, he also get the payment). He is quite good at this thing even though he did not take any bookkeeping course while me on the other hand who has an accounting course but did not major on it has no patience in doing this job.

I actually believe that hubby needs an insurance for bookkeepers, but my question is, who would give him that. The church that he's been employed as a free lance bookkeeper cannot even give him/us our pay regularly. hahaha. He also does another book keeping job with our teams money and his allowance is on an off because of lack of funds. We are just thankful co'z the Lord we serve is never lacking of anything and has supply our needs according to His riches in heaven. I just love my Jesus.. my God!

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