Saturday, June 30, 2012

I wonder

Everyone is entitled for a life insurance but I wonder who among my friends has one? I don't have any nor is near in getting one co'z I don't have the means to pay it. In the Philippines life insurance is only for those who can afford to pay or let's say.. the rich people. A person like me would never even think about it, much more those who only get hundred pesos pay for a day, it probably doesn't even heard. So funny but true. It's very  opposite in the West... where a life insurance is a must, reason why there are loads of  quotes online you can find specially at co'z every individual there must have one.

As for me I just let  God be my life insurance co'z there is no way here and now I can have one. I'd rather spend my money for  food and my baby's need than pay for a life insurance. But I totally recommend getting it to those who can afford. It's a must have... I must say.

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