Friday, June 29, 2012

It was her birthday

It was her birthday last Saturday and of course a midst all worries and anxieties  with the expenses was the main reason things went well and I thank God for that. We did not pay more than we thought we would pay even though we still pay more than what's in the contract. I had fun and it looks that my guest had fun too. My baby got loads of gifts from friends and relatives. She gets cash (which is very helpful. lol), clothes, shoes, learning materials and toys. She got this giraffe toy from her ninang, but this toy needs a battery to operate (wish I could go and get a battery now even if it's not a vtech batteries as long it can make this giraffe move).  I told hubby to buy but he kept on telling me too that what we need is our rechargeable battery which is with his sister, but her sister kept on forgetting to bring it here. So the toy is still sitting in the toy stand waiting to play with my baby Z. 

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