Friday, June 22, 2012

It was still fun!

I was away for three four days and three nights and all that time I was missed my baby Ziah. I left her to her dad's care while I was away to a beach.

Our trip was quite rough co'z many things happen to us like: we were not able to ride the last trip boat going to the place, we only have one bed to slept for the night and there were 3 of us (and we are not petite people). Then when we get finally to the beach we cannot even go near the sea co'z the waves was humongous. Our room was not that good co'z there is no shower.
But to sum it all: IT WAS FUN! I had great time

On our way home I took this picture. I took picture of the sea house, a very house like boat. But you can barely see it.

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