Thursday, June 28, 2012

Poor eyesight

Hubby went to bring the van back at our office very early in the morning. He borrowed it to dropped our friends off at the airport, then he brought it to the house to dropped us off too. He also dropped his sister on where she could get a bus to her school going back to return the van. Trust me... hubby has loads of dropping job that early Tuesday morning. hahaha

He came home though a bit irritated because it took him all his voice yelling at his sister telling her that the bus coming her way was the right bus. On the other hand, his sister has poor eyesight and is badly needed of an eyeglasses reason why she hubby wanted to helped her find the right bus. How I wish I could buy her eyeglasses at for progressive eyeglasses.

Poor sister in law, she got scolded by older bro when she gets home from school. Ooh siblings!

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