Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wish to buy..

Hubby and I went to a mall yesterday to look for some clothes I could wear on my adorable little girl birthday. After we went shopping we also went to the supermarket to do some grocery shopping as well. We bought loads of grocery since we haven't done any grocery-ing for a month I think.

Well, what I really wan to say in here was how my though were filled during the motorbike ride going there. My mind brought me to think of my friends who has no motorbike and always needs assistance whenever we they need to go to the recording studio. My heart went up to them and made me wish I have more money to spend. In mind I was dreamed that I bought them a motorbike. I really wish it was true.

When hubby and his friends are together for sure there are only three topics they love to discuss: their music, their gadget and roll about scooter or motorbike. I wish our other two friends will gonna theirs too.

I pray that they'll get a house too. (near where we live!)

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