Friday, July 6, 2012

Simply creepy!

It happen to us a lot of times when our credit card got denied due to it already reach it credit limit, then the cashier lady would asked us questions like... "sir, you really own this card?". Part of me would like yo yell at the lady telling her that "yes ma'am.. its his/ours!" but of course I won't remembering I am a follower of Jesus (meaning: I am a Christian) and we should not display such attitude. There were actually time that the cashier would have to looked  and looked and compare hubby's signature just to make sure if it really matches with the cards signature. Probably hubby don't look  like he can own a credit card (lol!). I wonder though if it's mine if they will still do the same. Just imagine someone is having a background check on you co'z you look suspicious. Isn't that creepy?, even though actually at work when your boss is  having a background check on you is not really nice thought. Everyone has flaws and secret they don't want to disclose to others and having it known is really not good.

In fairness with those who has good intentions in doing so specially hiring people it's good to have this kind of personal checking to avoid fraud and problems in the future.

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