Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wish I could visit Japan

Looking at this picture made me think of Japan and my desire to visit this place someday (God's permit). I've been dreaming of sitting down (picnicking style) under these beautiful trees. 
I would love to feel HIS presence as I enjoy the beauty of His creation when time comes.
I love you Lord and You are indeed beautiful!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Knee Support

I salute to those people who may physically handicapped but whose will power is more than of those who look normal.  I know someone who's been paralyzed since she was young, she can't move her hands but now a really great artist and her works (painting and drawings) are all over the world. There are those who has no legs and arms but are better swimmers. Some who's support is just a wheelchair but are good basketball players.
They don't live life according to their situations... they actually outlived their lives!

it saddened me to see children who physically not normal and their parents cannot give them the proper medications and treatment due to lack of financial thing. I really hope and pray that some able people or organizations will be able to meet their needs. I hope they could get a roll about knee walker at andrew street if they need a knee support to make them go anywhere they want and live a normal life. God bless the handicapped peeps!

You will be missed!

RIP: Hon. Jesse Robredo 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My games

I went to my friend's house to stay for the day with my baby. We did nothing but sweet things. lol! We cooked, we ate, we play games on her computer and we slept our heart out. The sad thing happens when while I was playing my one yea old baby girl hit her face on the corner of the side table. It left a little scratched that made me feel guilty.

What bog me though is we can't copy the game to my USB. No matter how we do it it's just wont work on my computer. It's makes me super sad co'z i now home and all I can do is think of it. I do wish my friend will get an online data backups, where she can save it there, and maybe I can get it from there. Just thinking though. 

Just for fun

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's crazy but it's true

My co Filipino's would indeed do this just to save their lives and some. 
They would never think of the danger it may give in doing such as long as they knew that they'll be safer this way. 
I don't think I can do this though.