Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How do you say it...

Hubby, myself and a friend were trying to figure out how this word really pronounced " les paul" with the "s" sound, but based on what I learned school it pronounced as "le paul" as if there is no "s". Then my friend says so too that "s" is silent, but my beloved husband stood his ground and say no it's "les paul". I want to argue more but decided to keep quiet instead, probably it's how they pronounced... I mean the music artist people.

Well, my hubby and his friends are really a fan of gibson and all they're musical stuff. How they probably wished that they are doing their recording at Gibson Les Paul Studio. If they could only afford to pay for it they probably would go for it.  I am proud of my hubby's band co's it won't matter to them if they are invited to perform with pay or not as long as their music is be heard... that is that matters.

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