Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hubby needs a motorcycle jackets

Hubby just bought a jacket last month I think to use whenever he uses his motorbike which he uses almost everyday to get to work. He bought the jacket because it was cheap and nice. He also thought that he could use it for a long time co'z the fabric seems durable. But since he wear it on a rainy day and even on a sunny day the color fades from black to almost gray now. So it look old and almost worn out. I really wish though that I could buy hubby a motorcycle  at  a Wholesale Jackets store. For sure their item would last longer than those we just bought from a local store.

This jacket below is really cool. Hubby would be very happy if I would buy this for him. I really wish I could.

Xelement Men's Black and Gray Cordura Level-3 Armored Jacket with Removable Arm Sleeves
(picture taken from the net)

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