Friday, September 21, 2012

I can feel it coming!

Hubby and I can't help ourselves but kept on visiting the site where our soon to be house is being built. We actually wanted to go really near near the house just to see if it's done or what, but the guards won't let us.. so we just look at it from afar. Looking at rows of houses and wondering where ours would be. We don't look excited doing that right?.. lol! But actually, we probably look suspicious because we're like spies spying on something looking from afar.

Ooh.. how I can't wait to me my dream house! I can't help myself but think of the things I want to do with it. Can't even decide now what I'm going to put on my kitchen (a granite or a tile?), and I thinking as well of.. or rather wishing I could buy an automatic washing just like those with my friends in Canada.

I just have one concern though.. since it's new  develop place, market and school is nowhere to be found there. I'm wondering where to send my daughter when she starts school. I hope that when that time comes that she needs to go to school alone I could get her free prepaid cards for kids so that I won't worry that much for her. I could feel now that it's hard to be a mom when her children is out of sight.

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