Sunday, October 21, 2012

Almost there...

One month from now we will be able to see our house and the excitement it's giving me is indescribable.  I almost see it, touch it and feel  it. My prayer now is... that I may fall in love with our house and that every corner of it is beautiful to me. This become my prayer because when we were about to get the house we we're arguing a lot.  I keep on telling him that I don't like the house and that his faith is too little. Hubby was mad at me for telling him that. But then I finally accepted the house wholeheartedly  reason why my prayers is like that.

I hope I I have loads of space to do whatever I want to do, and hopefully too I'll be able to have a space for work out. I'm thinking of buying a bike (the one you use at the gym) for work out and who knows I might able to get a wrestling equipment too. It would be fun for friends and us to do such things together, or what I am hoping really is that "lancaster" will provide a gym area and would put a wrestling or boxing area too.

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