Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Slow computer

My netbook is the slowest computer to turn on until it's ready to use. It takes five minutes or more til it's ready. I don't like waiting and I wish there is something I can do about it. Hubby has no time to look into my computer to see what wrong, he's too busy for that.

I really wish that hubby will have time to see this how to speed up your computer apps and see if this does work effectively and could fix my computer. Doesn't it feel annoying when your in a hurry to get a file but your computer is very slow to open? Oh... I always have that feeling.

Last night

I was in Luneta with in-laws last night to fulfill the wish of my youngest in-law co's he's never been to Rizal Park til last night. We we're all happy and mesmerized by the dancing lights. It was very beautiful, I'm glad I went there.

After visiting the park our next plan was to eat dinner together with hubby which landed us to eat at Savory-Cash and Carry Mall. We ate there co'z we celebrated my sister-in-law fiancee's birthday which was also yesterday.  We were the last guest co'z we went there at nine and the mall was closing already.

It was a tiring night but fun!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A flat screen tv for my new house?

A flat screen tv is definitely part of my list of stuff to buy for my new house, but I won't be buying it this time, our priority is to tiles the floors, window grills, cabinets, a new fridge, an oven and a new mattress.  This list I have in here needed a huge amount of money to be able to get all these things.

We will get things one at a time though, we are not getting it in one shopping. Well, I really wish we can get a  tv and flat screen stand at standsandmounts co's I know their stuff there are of good quality and good deal as well. I am losing my hope though, who knows we might can.

I am actually so much excited to move again, we just don't know when.

My beautiful bruise!

These cuts, scratched and bruise I got reminds me of how protective God is!
Thank you Lord for your protection!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Coffee and me

My sister in law fiance' just brought four big bottles and three medium pack of coffee from Saudi last week, and it's in our house, all of them. So me being a coffee freak is now having the coffee time of my life. I really can't resist coffee this time no matter what I do... It's coming to me! lol!

How I wish now I have a good coffee maker, ours almost got broken. If I only have a bunn coffee maker for sure it would not be hard to look for bunn coffee maker parts co's you can look online for it.  I hope someone would give me a bunn coffee maker this Christmas. :)

My humble church!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Drawer and Cabinets

Two days ago hubby and I went to finally inspect our new house. I was very excited to see it for the first time. Of course I have a lot in mind of what to do, what to put inside my house so that it may look better and spacious.Our main goal though at this time since budget is really hard to get is to put tiles on the floor and put built in cabinets.

Now I saw this 24 inch pie cut lazy susan corner base cabinet and I think I'm in love with it.  I really hope I could buy something like this or at least I can find one in the store near my place.

Rev-A-Shelf, 6942-24-15-52, 24 Inch Pie-Cut Lazy Susan, Almond

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Is desperate in making online earnings :((

I really wish my hard work will pays off. I'm very active in one online earning sites but it seems that no matter how hard I tried, no matter how many comments I will do my earning is still low. So sad that I'm not getting anywhere and my earning is so slow. I'm thankful though that each day it still moving up. But I not that satisfied because I was there for more than a month now and still get 8 while other's got their payout end of the month. :((
I hope I'll able to reach payout in December.