Thursday, December 20, 2012


I woke early this morning and for some reason my mind brought me with the memories I have in  the province, the place I grew up. Our house was in the middle of a rice field, so I got all the space to see the sky and the mountains. I love it! Sky and mountains are my favorite view to look.

Our neighbors are far from us but since they're only the other there... so it means they our neighbors. There was this one neighbor that we have that I like to visit everyday. All of the people there loves me (as per me. hahaha). I have this clear view of there house in my mind both the inside and the outside.

Thinking it now... I consider their house as my dream house, with all the space and the style. If the Lord will grant me the opportunity to build a house of my own, I might copy the style of their house.

As for now though... that dream will remain a dream co's there is no way I could renovate my house into that. Oh... life in the city.

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  1. Thanks for your visit to Bridge and Beyond. Having memories is such a pleasant thing. You might enjoy viewing some of my other blogs as well. Thought I'd mention when I first clicked to leave you a return comment (I always return visits and comments); a very inappropriate fowl ad/porn popped up. You don't seem the kind of person who'd want that on their blog. You might need to adjust your ad sense or whatever service you're using. It's really nasty.